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  1. You probably did not install it in the proper folder. It should have MCP/forge/install.cmd That, and are you sure you haven't messed up your path?
  2. 1) Update Forge 2) Make sure you install forge AFTER ModLoaderMp 3) It may be the 4096 fix.
  3. Ah, that's not something built into forge, you'd have to have that built into whatever you use to spawn the items.
  4. What are you trying to do exactly, block client side mods? If so, its not supported, and rather useless as client side can do whatever they please.
  5. What shelf mod? or you mean support mod. Anyways. I don't talk to people who directly ask for insults without insulting them because, in asking to be insulted, they show themselves worthy to be insulted. Catch my drift? If you hadn't asked for it, My response would of just been "Don't use jZip it fucks things up" But no, you asked for it. As for others that I 'insult' I will state this, I am a dick. I state things bluntly. Sometimes sarcastically. Rarely do I ever actually directly insult someone. Grow a pair and stop being so sensitive, it's the god damned internet.
  6. When was I lying? If I didn't believe in free open source software, do you think I would be working on Forge. Or the plethora of other FOSS i've worked on over my years? I'm glad you like forge, and you're enjoying playing mods that use it. That's what we want, people to have fun. I am a blunt person, If people get a bit testy about the things I say. It is not my fault. I'm not going to change who I am just to try and pandor for donations. Everything I do is for free. If you like it, then just say thanks, that's the same value to me as a monetary donation.
  7. You're the one who called out to be insulted, so I did, and then rethought. But now i'm not sure you deserved not to be insulted. Have fun with whatever you want and stop being a insufferable twat. Anyways, feel free to spread the donation to whomever you wish, I don't really care. Its not like my entire life depends on donations, they are just a little happy bonus. But I wouldn't want a donation from a cock head like you. G'day sir.
  8. Dont use jzip it fucks things up.
  9. as he said. MLMP and forge are completely incompatible server side, Client side they work just fine together. If you don't like it, don't use a Forge server. Simple as that. We had to become incompatible due to how crappy MLMP's updating has become. Anyways, this will not turn into another MLMP debate. Its done and over. He installed Forge wrong, the proper reply is to say try again.
  10. And this ladies and gentlemen is how you get banned! Quit being a insufferable twat, as they said I DID help you and give you the answer.
  11. Not only is your variable naming horrible, your code placement is horrible. Anyways Why are you initalizing everything in the static initalizer? Move it to load or modsloaded like a good boy.
  12. Use the ID 1 I thought I made that unsigned, but whatever.
  13. Also, be sure you didnt use jzip for the archive tool, I recomend 7zip. jZip screws things up.
  14. Thats a java bug, update your java past 31/32
  15. hehe good luck with that. See you in 5 years when you finish. Thread closed.
  16. They need to update there mod, they use a old function that was removed in 1.2.5 Tell your mod maker to update.
  17. Yes, you ahve to choose. We are no longer gunna support the half-ass job that is MLMP. Its a pain yes,. but instead of bitching here, go bitch at your mod makers to update to FML.
  18. No, you screwed up installing vx.class try again.
  19. You're trying to use MLMP on the server, thats the mistake. Don't do it. Forge is incompatible with MLMP on the server. Not our problem, its yours.
  20. We have NEVER supported cracked clients. Any discussion of them will most likely result in a ban. Go buy the damn game.
  21. No stack trace, no support, also wrong section -.-
  22. Tell the makers of the non FML mods to convert to FML.
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